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At Honest Inspections, you see what we see.

We do a full functionality test during an inspection, we do not do a diagnosis of specific problems or make repairs. We will use the best possible means to give a detailed report of the operation depending on the availability of room to operate the equipment being inspected. We will give the best description possible of the driveline/powertrain and listen and feel for any vibration/noises or any perceived potential problems.

Hour meter readings/odometer readings are a visual and functionality check only, there is no guarantee that the reading is the actual hours/miles on unit.

We describe bushing wear as minor, moderate, excessive. Minor – Greasing it will help to take up some of the slack. Moderate – Greasing it will likely not help take up slack but still usable. Excessive – Requires very near term or immediate attention. We measure turntable-bearing play with a tape measure off the car body if the design of the excavator allows.

We will compare any legible tags (digital readouts on some models) between the body and components when available to see if they match the original serial number. We do not have the books to verify the serial numbers and it is up to the buyer/seller to disclose this information if components have been changed out. We look and listen for oil leaks and any perceived potential engine and hydraulic system problems. It is fact that bearings can spin or internal parts can let loose at any given time. We document oil leaks, blow-by, noises/vibrations as we see/hear them at the time of the inspection. We do not/will not play favorites when doing an inspection and cover up problems for the seller or purchaser. We do the inspection and document what is seen/heard at the time.

Units that have been freshly power washed or painted may not have visible leaks, we will disclose any current or potential problems in the report such as oil film on cylinder rams. Not all cracks in roller frames, boom/stick, frames or other areas may be visible with fresh paint or excessive dirt/grease.

We will NOT road test any on road vehicles that are not licensed and insured, this will limit the inspection to a parking lot test only of available room.

The unit is expected to be reasonably clean upon arrival for inspection. There may be extra charges incurred for time spent cleaning dirt/grease off roller frames etc.


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