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Hi Don,
I want to take the time to thank you and your inspector in doing such a great job showing all the hidden problems on this pending machine purchase, and preventing a great loss of money and time, which would have happened if I had trusted —- —- —– — ——– in Warsaw, Va.  They totally misrepresented their equipment or have very little knowledge, but I believe is both.
I feel that the money I spent on getting the machine inspected was and investment and minor in comparison with the thousands I would have lost if I would have purchased without inspection.

Frank, NY USA

Hi Don,

Detailed as usual thanks!

Ron, China

I thank you very much for the inspection on the excavator, I know it took awhile to get everything together, but you did a great job. If you want to use this as  a recommendation in your business I would be pleased. I would certainly use you again, and I would recommend you to anyone else that needs a piece of equipment inspected. I hope some day to meet you in person. thanks again

Ben, Louisiana USA

Thanks for your honest and professional work. I’m not going to buy this machine cause the engine( and many other things) seem to be in very bad shape. I still have the intention of purchasing a grader and  I’ve seen a few that I’m interested in that are  mainly in florida. I’ll get in touch with owners and once they’re ready to recive the inspector, I’ll  surely get in touch.

Lewa, South Africa

I am satisfied with you report and Pictures it is like been there but taking the advantage of your experience.  I will get in touch with owner because it seems that the machine is worthy.

Juan, Puerto Rico

I have received the report and pictures. Thanks to you and to the inspector for report. I think he made very good job.

Juan, Chile

We don’t hide the bad. The inspector is no longer with us and a credit was issued due to the customer purchasing the machine.

The service offered was not received…. any way let see in future what can be done

Martin, Florida USA

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